[Samba] Jessie samba 4.8.5 ( help test wanted ) (amd64/i386)

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Aug 27 10:13:04 UTC 2018

There are some changes in samba 4.8.5 and before i release these packages i've put them in the jessie-experimental line. 
This is a copy of the jessie-samba48 but with the following added packages. 
Added packages : liblmdb-dev 0.9.18-5.1~deb8 these are needed to build ldb 1.3.6
The important changes are ( from changelogs ). 
TDB (1.3.6) :  Bump build-dependencies to liblmdb-dev 0.9.18
LMDB 0.9.18 : Rebuild from Debian Stretch for Debian Jessie.  Needed for samba 4.8.5 build depend agains ldb 1.3.6
SAMBA (4.8.5) : 
   * Bump build-depends tevent >= 0.9.37~
   * Bump build-depends talloc >= 2.1.14~
   * Bump build-depends tdb >= 1.3.16~
   * Bump build-depends ldb = 1.3.6, samba 4.8 is NOT compatible with 1.4.x.
   * Relax debhelper to allow Backport to Debian Jessie
   * d/rules changed Winbind krb5 locator, to usr/lib/*/krb5/plugins/winbind
   * d/winbind.install changed location of winbind_krb5_locator.so
   * d/winbind.install changed winbind_krb5_locator man 7 to man 8
If there are people who are willen to test these a bit also, would be great. 
Im starting to test these myself now also, please report any finding, im asking because the changes for  krb5 locator was a bit unclear. 
Should be ok, but this is why i need some extra testers. 
Ones everything is ok, i'll move the new versions to the jessie-samba48 


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