[Samba] explorer.exe crashes on security tab access

Glenn Bergeron glenn at gbitservices.ca
Mon Aug 20 18:32:28 UTC 2018

Hi Rowland,

This being a clean install from scratch, including scratch Ubuntu Server 16.04 install, the share dirs are created initially in Linux via a simple mkdir command. Nothing more is done with respect to permissions - or in this case - ACL's on at the Unix level. This wasn't a problem in earlier installations I've done, so then perhaps it's something newer versions of Ubuntu has introduced. It looks like maybe there's some ACL attribute that Ubuntu 16+ is putting there by default that Windows 10 doesn't like.

So let's say it's not a Samba bug. Either case the problem exists for people trying to set up a fresh Samba box. In order to avoid this question from coming up time and again, do we need to update documentation to tell the sysadmin to clear out all default ACL's at the Unix level first - as I described? Do we build in a utility into the Samba package that does that for people? Perhaps something that sees you've added a new share to smb.conf - and "sets up" that dir properly for Windows?


´╗┐On 2018-08-17, 10:37 AM, "Rowland Penny" <rpenny at samba.org> wrote:

    On Fri, 17 Aug 2018 09:56:32 -0400
    Glenn Bergeron <glenn at gbitservices.ca> wrote:
    > This is a long-standing issue going back at least a year from what I
    > can see in mailing list archives.
    > Still not working as of Samba 4.8.3. I think MS broke something with
    > one of the Windows 10 updates. 
    > In my situation, this is a brand-new 4.8.3 install. For me the
    > crashes happen when I try to edit the share folder permissions right
    > out of the box from whatever Samba set in there by default. 
    Samba doesn't set the share folder permissions, the sysadmin does,
    unless you are referring to sysvol & netlogon and in this case, the
    permissions set do not cause the problem.
    It doesn't actually seem to be the permissions that are the problem, it
    seems to be what is set on the share directory.

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