[Samba] Samba MFP "scan to share" issue

Edouard Guigné eguigne at pasteur-cayenne.fr
Tue Aug 7 14:30:51 UTC 2018


I am testing a new samba share (Version 4.7.1) in order to replace an 
old samba share (Version 3.5.6).
Especially, I am facing issues with Canon MFP "scan to share".

With model Canon IR1730 (SMB1 only capable), "scan to share" seems to 
not work with the new 4.7.1 samba share.
The canon error code returns by the Canon iR1730 is #0753 with this 
4.7.1 samba share.
It is still well working with old 3.5.6 samba share.
According to canon, iR1730 is only SMB1 capable.

I have also performed tests with another Canon MFP iR1435 (a newer canon 
model), and "scan to share" works for both old and new samba shares.
According to canon, iR1435 is SMB2 capable. This is the only difference 
I noticed between MFP printers.

So It is possible that SMB1 is disabled by default with new 4.7.1 samba 
share ?
If yes, how to enable it ?
Otherwise, how could I test and debug between iR1730 and  the samba 
4.7.1 server ?

Best Regards,

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