[Samba] Setting up new samba-ac-dc on Ubuntu 18.04 - KDC not FOUND

Robert Steinmetz AIA rob at steinmetznet.com
Sun Aug 5 21:22:08 UTC 2018

Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> If you are only going to have one DC, then the internal DNS server is
> okay, it just doesn't work as well as Bind9. Once you have more than
> one DC (which is the recommendation), then it is better to use Bind9.
I have two other servers. Once the ad-cd server is up the I plan to have 
the other servers moved to ad and act as alternate dcs
> Louis went down the same path as you, least amount of changes,
Louis however also used Bind9 in his recent notes. I'm somewhat 
concerned that removing systemd-resolvd will create other issues.
> You pays your money and makes your choices ;-)
You still have to live with them later. B-)
> Rowland
One question. Can I simply re-provision the server and overwrite the 
existing configuration if I decide to go to bind9?
Rob Steinmetz

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