[Samba] 4.2.14 (or newer) support "Windows for Workgroups 3.1a"?

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 15:55:24 UTC 2018

There may be various "signing" parameters that you may need to set to 
"no"  on the samba PDC.

I would also disable SMB3.   Windows 10 does support SMB3 but (in my 
experience) Samba does not properly implement it, so you will get 
problems.  Windows 7 does not support SMB3 so will fall back to SMB2 

I suspect at this point making Windows 7 and Windows 3.11 interact is a 
loosing proposition.     It is pretty scary to think that there is still 
equipment that requires  Windows 3.11.  Hopefully it is air-gapped and 
not part of the electrical grid.

Is there a difference between connecting to a share using the server IP 
name rather than the hostname ?

On 04/30/18 11:26, Andrea Baldoni via samba wrote:
> Hello.
> I need to let Windows for Workgroup 3.11 clients (industrial machinery)
> connect to shares in the PDC samba Version 4.2.14-Debian.
> I started to be able to connect to shares exported by domain members windows
> professional (7, 10) machines (share permissions include "domain users"), after
> I added "lanman auth = yes" to PDC and updated the user password,
> though it's not stable (sometimes the client stop to access/list files in the
> share; rebooting the exporting windows machine sometimes cures the problem,
> sometimes I need to restart samba process in the PDC), but I never connect to
> shares exported by the PDC itself. Of course every other windows client connect
> to the PDC shares without problems or instability. The instability of the old
> WfW 3.11 clients existed even before I replaced the former windows 2008 PDC
> with samba, but it (seems it) was less severe and anyway always cured by
> rebooting the exporting windows pro machine, the PDC never needed a reboot
> (perhaps it would have cured the problem, but it was simpler to reboot the
> exporting windows pro machine, so no one tried to reboot the server).
> I don't know if Windows for Workgroup machines were able to connect to the
> shares exported from the former windows 2008 PDC.
> I traced client traffic, it seems that the samba PDC doesn't answer at all to
> the SMBnegprot (REQUEST) (other than TCP handshake). I don't see the expected
> SMBnegprot (REPLY).
>>>> NBT Session Packet
> NBT Session Message
> Flags=0x0
> Length=142 (0x8e)
> SMB Command   =  0x72
> Error class   =  0x0
> Error code    =  0 (0x0)
> Flags1        =  0x0
> Flags2        =  0x0
> Tree ID       =  0 (0x0)
> Proc ID       =  32018 (0x7d12)
> UID           =  0 (0x0)
> MID           =  1025 (0x401)
> Word Count    =  0 (0x0)
> smb_bcc=107
> Dialect=DOS LM1.2X002
> Dialect=DOS LANMAN2.1
> Dialect=Windows for Workgroups 3.1a
> I added various config lines related to protocol and auth without any
> success.
> testparm -v | grep protocol
> server max protocol = SMB3
> server min protocol = LANMAN1
> client max protocol = default
> client min protocol = CORE
> client ipc max protocol = default
> client ipc min protocol = default
> testparm -v | grep auth
> auth methods =
> lanman auth = Yes
> ntlm auth = Yes
> raw NTLMv2 auth = No
> client NTLMv2 auth = Yes
> client lanman auth = No
> client plaintext auth = No
> ldap server require strong auth = Yes
> allow dcerpc auth level connect = No
> I set loglevel=10 to try to see if there was some error at the
> exact time the packet got processed, but besides
> "set_remote_arch: Client arch is 'WfWg'" I wasn't able to see anything
> relevant.
> The windows client show (from program manager):
> "<STOP> This device does not exist on the network."
> (from command.com: net use x: \\server\share)
> "Error 55: This resource does not exist on the network."
> Thank you.
> Andrea Baldoni

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