[Samba] Bulk users creation with home folders created too in samba 4 ad dc

Lapin Blanc fabien.toune at lapin-blanc.com
Sat Apr 28 15:34:14 UTC 2018

I have set up an AD DC following those pages on the wiki :
- Setting up Samba as an Active Directory Domain Controller
- Setting up a Share Using Windows ACLs
- User Home Folders

Everything works fine : when I create a new user with ADUC from a windows
machine, filling the
home folder letter and path, the user home folder gets created
automatically into the users share,
with the user's name, etc.
When I add users from shell, using 'samba-tool create user', this folder
doesn't get create.
The point is I would like to be able to create many users at once (with a
csv file for example), without
having to create the home folder manually for each user.
Is there another command which I could use to create users the same way
ADUC does, so that
the home folder would be created ?
If it's not the case, I could make a script which would create both user
and home folder, but in this
case, I'm not sure how to set ACLs/attrs correctly.
Any help would be welcome :D

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