[Samba] Using samba AD in mixed OS environment

Zdravko Zdravkov nirayah at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 12:10:14 UTC 2018

Hi guys.

I've got working samba AD server. It is playing nicely with Windows 10 and
also successfully authenticating Linux machines with SSSD.
On the Windows machines I have our EMC storage smb mounted via group
policy. Managing permissions for users and groups there, as you know,
happens with right click, security etc..
As you may have already guessed the troubles come when my Linux machines,
that access the storage via nfs mount, need to work with folders and files
created from the Windows PCs. Linux doesn't "see" the actual user/group
that owns given folder. It interprets it into numbers, some kind of UID
that comes from the Windows machines.
I'm quite sure that this is common and known issue, but I don't know what
is the right way to deal with it, so any wisdom will be helpful.


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