[Samba] Are some Group Policies broken?

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Apr 25 07:31:53 UTC 2018

Hai Mark, 

Yes, i know this problem. 

Check the following. 

I use samba with AD backend.
When i create a new users ( copy from other ), the user profile and homedir settings are copyied.
In form of \\QFDN\users\%username% 

At the copy moment, the user folder is created. Now im setting UID/GIDs for the user, up2here its all working fine. 
When i now login with this users, i have the same, no folder redirections.

When i remove the user folder, and reappy it again from RSAT, but now with the UID/GID set,
Redirections work fine. 

If i create a new users, set this UID/GID first, and then set the profile/user folders it works fine.

Can you try if this works for you also?



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> Onderwerp: [Samba] Are some Group Policies broken?
> Not quite 4 years ago I replaced our office SBS 2008 server 
> with Samba4.  I added Group
> Policies one of which was for Redirected Folders.  I created 
> a new GPO, "HPRS Groups" and did
> Edit > User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > 
> Folder Redirection > right-click on
> Documents > Properties > Target = Settings Basic - Redirect 
> everyone's folder to the same
> location; Target folder location: Create a folder for each 
> user under the root; Root Path:
> \\mail.hprs.local.  I repeated for Desktop, Start Menu and 
> Favorites.  The group policy was
> enabled for 'Authenticated Users'. 
> After doing that, when a user logged into their own or 
> another domain workstation with the new
> Samba4 AD/DC they got their redirected desktop, as expected.
> In July, 2016 I added a new user to the system.  When she 
> logged in on her Windows 7
> workstation (which was already a domain member) she got her 
> new redirected desktop as expected.
> Over the past month I have installed new Windows 7 work 
> stations for 3 of the existing users. 
> When I logged into the workstation as that user I DID NOT 
> have their redirected desktops. The
> properties > Location of their Desktop file pointed to 
> C:\Users\username\Desktop. Likewwise
> with 'My Documents' and 'Favorites'. I had to manually change 
> these to point to
> \\mail.hprs.local\Users\username\Desktop. Also, when a 
> current user now logs into a different
> workstation in the office they do not get their desktop like 
> they used to.
> Does anyone know if something has changed with the way Samba4 
> deal with Group Policies since
> mid-2016? I'm at loss as to how to track down this problem.
> I believe I was on Samba 4.1.17 in mid-2016 and am now on 
> 4.4.16, which is the current version
> for my Slackware 14.2 distro.
> THX --Mark
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