[Samba] [OT?] Group Policy, drive maps and Cliend Site Caching...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Tue Apr 24 16:01:43 UTC 2018

Sorry for that email, but i'm really confused about the subject.

Starting point: in current configuration (Samba, NT mode) some portable
system have CSC enabled, and when go to another site... is another
site, eg does not fined the domain, so simply CSC 'work'' as expected.

Now that i'm moving computer to the new domain, that is the same domain
across all sites, i'm not able to make CSC properly work.

Supposing i have two site 'SanVito' and 'Pasian'.

In 'Sanvito', a site policy map W: to \\ARMITAGE\users and M: to
\\DIXIE\media; in site 'Pasian', another site policy maps W: to
\\STREGATTO\users and M: to \\AKELA\media.

Because for the portable in which i need CSC i need ''fixed mappings',
of course, i've setup a sub OU and defined a policy that, for computer in
that OU, set the mapping. Supose that this OU is
'OU=FVG,OU=SanVito,OU=Computers,OU=Portatili', and the pc 'andrew' is
in that OU.

In site 'SanVito' all work as expected: the maps is correct, CSC works
as expected (eg, if i disconnect the network, i can still access my

If i move 'Andrew' to 'Pasian' site, andrew get drive mapping from the
policy of the 'Pasian' site, not  ''keep'' the mapping from the OU, and
so ''hide'' the CSC, at least for the ''overlapping'' drive.

Eg, if i enable 'offline files and folder' for a folder in M:, if i
move to Pasian another 'M:' get mounted, and that offline folder
''desappear'', until i go back to sanvito.

What i'm doing wrong?! Thanks...

PS: or, more generic/general question... there's some way to have CSC
 be indipendent of the drive mapping?

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