[Samba] domain member server: change distro

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Thu Apr 5 08:30:22 UTC 2018

Greets, samba-users and -devs

I am currently preparing to move a problematic Samba file server from
Gentoo Linux to Debian (9.4).

This particular server gives me headaches for months now, file shares
stop working at random times (every few weeks or so), and after having
invested quite some time into reading logs, doing upgrades/downgrades
and this and that (also writing threads in here ...) I want to get rid
of the Gentoo environment and change to the much more standardized
Debian OS.

I don't blame samba in particular, maybe I have some strange kernel
setup, maybe the rsnapshots we run shoot smbd now and then ... I simply
don't know. (winbindd -D10 logs available, if someone is interested ;-) ).

I am now writing down the services and configfiles etc which I have to
migrate and setup. This will go into a ansible/debops-project dir so
that this machine will be deployable as quick and reliable as possible
at migration time (maybe even a test VM before to check things).

Now my samba-related questions:

I assume I would "net ads leave" within gentoo linux before migration to
clean up things in the ADS somehow and join the same server (= same
hostname, same smb.conf) again as soon as it is running debian.

My concern are the user and group ids, for sure I want to keep the
data-directories (ext4 on LVM-volumes, just for the records) untouched
and all the ownership and permission info should be kept as is.

As far as I understand the whole mapping comes from within ADS anyway
and winbindd plus nsswitch etc should give me the same setup after all.

Right? Or are there maybe differences?

Should I migrate /var/lib/samba or not? I'd prefer not to as I want to
get a as-fresh-as-possible new environment without the maybe buggy old
stuff from the old server.

(for sure I do a full backup of the gentoo-root-partition ahead ...)


Maybe this migration is not much of an issue at all but you know:
better safe than sorry ;-)

Thanks for any calming words and info

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