[Samba] Debian Packages for Samba 4.8?

Dirk Laurenz samba at laurenz.ws
Wed Apr 4 19:03:39 UTC 2018


what's the bug?

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Hi Oliver,

 > normally you are building these wonderful samba debian packages for us :-)  >  > Is there a reason, that you didnt create packages for samba 4.8?

I think the reason for Louis not offering 4.8.0 deb package is probably the same for us. There is a still a bug in 4.8 when you do an "in place" 
upgrade from ealier Samba version [1]. This bug has been addressed by the Samba team and the fix included in the upcoming 4.8.1. And by this time it will be more suitable to have up-to-date package for people to use. Indeed it is not a good thing to have ready to use packages to help people shoot themself in the foot.

In any case it is a good thing to test out new releases of Samba (or even RCs), and if you want to be cutting edge, the best way is still to compile.



[1] https://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2018-March/214596.html

 > Tfh!
 > Oliver

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