[Samba] SOLVED: BUILTIN\Administrators - failed to call wbcSidToUid: WBC_ERR_DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND

Jiří Černý cerny at svmetal.cz
Wed Sep 6 15:07:42 UTC 2017

> I feel I can tell you this without breaking any confidences, the OP
sent me their idmap.ldb and the problem boiled down to these three DNs>>
CN=S-1-5-32-545> CN=S-1-5-32-544> CN=S-1-5-32-546> > The classicupgrade
seems to set these to 'ID_TYPE_GID' instead of 'ID_TYPE_BOTH'.>>
RowlandI can confirm this. After changing 'ID_TYPE_GID' to
'ID_TYPE_BOTH' on these three CN= winbind works well. 
So there is no errors. Also Louis' script works well;)
> This was hard to decipher, but I think I understand it>> You need to
make some choices about your fileservers, do you need to move data
between them ? if you do, then you need to use the winbind> 'ad' backend
to ensure the data retains the correct ownership. If you don't, then you
can use the 'rid' backend, this doesn't add anything to AD.Sorry for
that mess, I don't know why mailserver did it.
In 99% cases we don't move data between them, so I have to consider it.

Thank everyone very much. In the first place Rowland for help me fix it
and for clarifying how ID mapping works.
I found one more problem, but I'll leave it for tomorrow;)

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