[Samba] samba-4.6.6 memory consumption is more!!

Jawath Muckdhar jawath12 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 09:49:30 UTC 2017

Hi Team,

  We have downloaded samba-4.6.6, compiled and installed it in our device
(ONT) which has RAM of 256 MB.
  After samba server is started, it occupied 30 MB of RAM.
  As far as our device is concerned 30 MB RAM is high.

 1)  Is it possible to reduce the RAM size of samba server?  Is there any
configurable option in smb.conf for this?
 2) The image size of smbd and smbpasswd alone is 4 MB.  Can the samba server
image size (currently 4 MB) be reduced further?
 3) Is there any open source miniSamba (or) miniSMB which will just use
file sharing with less memory footprint?  Please suggest any open source
for just file sharing, or even if the best commercial application is also

We used the below compilation options to build smbd:

  CC=$CROSS_COMPILE"gcc" ./buildtools/bin/waf configure
--target=$COMPILE_TOOLCHAIN --prefix=/var/samba --without-acl-support
--without-ldap --without-ads --without-ad-dc --disable-gnutls
--without-quotas --cross-compile --cross-answers=sample-mips.txt

  We use samba-4.6.6 just for file sharing with Windows PCs.  Please
suggest if there any other compiler options to remove unwanted modules
(like --without-ad-dc).

Thanks & Regards,
Jawath Muckdhar

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