[Samba] Password expires Script

Jeff Sadowski jeff.sadowski at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 21:55:11 UTC 2017

I created a script to tell users when their passwords will expire.
My domain isn't so big so it works for me. I'm not sure how well it will scale.

I use wbinfo to get the domain users

I use rpcclient to get the user's CIDs
and to get their password expire times

and I use ldapsearch to get their email address and to see if it is disabled

I use mutt to email each user.

There may be some better ways to do this but a variant of these
scripts has been working flawlessly for about a year now.
My variant had a bunch of the things hard coded it and I did my best
to make them variables in the domain_config file.

I might be able to do it all with ldap commands that would make it
more flexible with domains that may not be windows domains.

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