[Samba] Some mounted drives using GPO are not showed

Daniel Carrasco d.carrasco at i2tic.com
Wed Oct 11 07:52:16 UTC 2017


Some of my users have complained about that some of her shared drives are
not there. After research on one of the computers I've noticed that all
drives are mounted correctly by GPO (you can use that drives from cmd and
are showed on "net use" command), but when you use the Windows Explorer
some of that drives are not showed (and are no accesible even setting
manually the drive letter on path bar).

The problem is random on those computers and the failed drives are not
always the same (even sometimes all drives are working). If you umount and
remount the drive then is showed on Windows explorer.
I've configured the option to show the drive on GP but I got the same
The server is a samba 4 server configured by IP, so there's no login
problem on mount.
I think that all the computers that fails has Windows 10, but I've other
computers with same version that works fine.

Someone knows something about this problem?, because I'm unable to find the
solution nowhere.



      Daniel Carrasco Marín
      Ingeniería para la Innovación i2TIC, S.L.
      Tlf:  +34 911 12 32 84 Ext: 223

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