[Samba] RSAT Print Management won't show shared printers under the "Printers" section

Thomas Keppler winfr34k at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 17:32:44 UTC 2017

Hello Marc.

thanks for the workaround. Seems to work for me.
I will probably use Windows 8.1 on a management VM just so I can use the Windows 8.1 RSAT tools to work around the issue in the mean time.

> Can you please open a bug report against Samba 4.7 (see
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Bug_Reporting) and include the
> information from this thread and a level 10 debug log. Thanks.
I will do my best to open up a bug report during the upcoming week (I want to setup a clean environment for testing and logging). Shall I mention you in it?

> It seems like a bug or maybe an incompatibility introduced by a recent
> Windows 7 update.

I have tried the Windows 7 IE11 Virtual Machine provided directly by Microsoft. It was last updates on 26th November 2014 by default (Last update: KB2835361). Installed most recent version of RSAT tools on that and I've got the same problem. It might be an issue in the Print Management snap-in itself, though. But we'll find that out sooner or later during the bug report. :-)

For anyone finding this via Google, as Marc pointed out, the workaround seems to be:
> As a workaround, on Win 7 you can still assign drivers without using the
> Print Management console:
> - Start / Run
> - Enter \\print_server_name\, click "OK"
> - Press the "View remote printers" button
> There you can right-click to printers and manage them same as in the
> console. Win7 was the last version where you can manage printer this
> way.
Alternatively, you can use Windows 10 or Windows 8.1's RSAT tools.
One caveat by using the technique above seems that printer preferences aren't persisted or only in a way Windows 7 can see it.

Thank you for being so helpful so far and quick to respond. I hope the bug hunt will reveal what the real issue is here.

Best regards

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