[Samba] bind9 and isc-dhcp-Server for dynamic DNS-updates Error

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Oct 8 08:36:24 UTC 2017

On Sat, 7 Oct 2017 20:08:26 -0400 (CDT)
Siovel Rodríguez Morales <siovel at softel.cu> wrote:

> Hi Rowland, I have not another dhcp server. dnsmasq is not configured.

No, do you have a line in /etc/Network-Manager/Network-Manager.conf
with 'dnsmasq' in it ?
If so, comment it out and restart Network-Manager

What is in /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf ?

> I think the problem may be permissions. Which distribution linux do
> you use, Ubuntu? I was tracing the script code dhcp-dyndns.sh, when
> the execution on the first line fails

You could be right, is apparmor running ?
I use Devuan

> Is correct this instructions in Debian:
>  chown root:root  /etc/dhcp/dhcpduser.keytab
>  chmod 400  /etc/dhcp/dhcpduser.keytab

It is correct on Devuan, so should be correct on debian, but check who
runs DHCP on your system.

I will send you a script to replace the /etc/dhcp/bin/dhcp-dyndns.sh.
It is the same as the one on the wikipage, but it will output
information to a text file in /tmp: /tmp/Update.txt
It also has '-d' hardcoded.

If you can try this script and then send me /tmp/Update.txt and
anything relevant from /var/log/syslog, I will see if I can work out
what is going wrong.


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