[Samba] transfer hanging to older smb device

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Thu Oct 5 03:14:54 UTC 2017


I know this is not a samba _server_ issue but it is still an issue with 
my cifs.ko apparently...

I have mounted over smb/cifs an older Freecom network drive.

The mount is done on an older device as well, a Synology DiskStation 
running kernel 2.6.32 and using mount.cifs version 6.5 that I compiled 

I am writing files to this mount, and while writing (using dd) the copy 
will just stall and stop apparently doing anything.

If I just interrupt the process and restart after a while, nothing 

"vmstat" is not available on this device.

If I "ls" the mount then it takes a few seconds to respond, and then 
immediately continues writing.

Now it complains that the host is down, but my other computer can access 
the share just fine...

As well as that I can ping the machine from the Synology.

Maybe it is getting caused by DD using a too high blocksize...

Now it has restarted again....

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