[Samba] symlinks are invalid folders for windows 10 clients

S├ębastien QUESSON s.quesson at alkante.com
Mon May 29 14:31:52 UTC 2017


to make folders followable for windows 10 clients, we have to enable both wide links and allow insecure wide links
cifs clients on ubuntu doesn't need this parameters...
samba server: debian 9 / samba 4.5.8 as domain member
testparm -s -v | egrep 'extensions|links'
        allow insecure wide links = Yes
        unix extensions = Yes
        follow symlinks = Yes
        wide links = Yes

On a old samba server, both windows and ubuntu can follow symlinks with secure configuration.
samba server : debian 6 / samba 3.6.6 as domain member
        unix extensions = Yes
        allow insecure wide links = No
        wide links = No
        follow symlinks = Yes

My symlinks are relative or absolute, but everytime inside the share.
What's the problem?

Best regards, 

S├ębastien QUESSON 

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