[Samba] How many users can we create in a Domain ?

Denis Cardon dcardon at tranquil.it
Sat May 6 12:01:21 UTC 2017

Hi Denis,

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> Objet: [Samba] How many users can we create in a Domain ?

> Has the samba a limit in the amount of users or computers ?
> How many users have you seen in the same domain ?

I have worked on a few large Samba AD deployments in the last years ranging from a few thousands up to 12 thousands users (and dozens of smaller ones). With 4.6 you are really safe in that 10k zone and just have to be careful about setting properly your domain and replication and to avoid large groups. From my guts feelings (and in house benchmark testing), it should be possible to push forward to 20k-30k users range with 4.6 if you *really* carefully setup your domain. And if you need to go further or need large groups, there are huge performance improvements coming in 4.7 for large domains, along with completed RODC support. By the way, if you need really more, there is currently a technical limitation in the TDB backend storage that would prevent one from storing much more than 100k users/computers anyway.

One thing to be knowledgeable about is that it is very easy to setup a domain with one DC on one site and a few hundreds of users. It is another story to properly setup a domain with thousands of users with dozens of DCs spread on many sites (both from a technical and organizational point of view). Going large scale requires very good AD expertise (TechNet is your friend here) and some SambaAD experience to avoid the most common pitfalls. If things are not properly setup on large scale domains, when sh*t hits the fan, it really spreads on a very large scale. 



PS : you may keep an eye on the sambaxp.org site, the conference has just finished and the recordings of the talks should be posted soon. You may take a look at both the presentation of Kevin from Indeed and mine, it may give you some insight and feedback. Andrew Bartlett also gave a talk titled "Samba at Scale: 100,000 user AD Domains" that may be of interest to you. Anyway, all the presentations were interesting, I encourage everyone to attend that SambaXP conference, and it is a very nice occasion to meet all the Samba team members :-) ... 

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