[Samba] New messaging.

vl at samba.org vl at samba.org
Thu May 4 05:43:53 UTC 2017

On Wed, May 03, 2017 at 11:55:23PM -0400, rac8006 via samba wrote:
> After moving from samba 4.0.0rc5 to 4.3.11.  There seems to be a
> fair amount of disk activity.

Every forked smbd creates 2 files which are removed when the process
exits. That is the disk activity that you see. In what sense does that
cause a problem?

> It seems to center around the msg.sock messaging.  IS there away to
> disble the messaging
> temporarily?  To verify that it is causing the problem?

No, we don't have a way to disable that. The only way would be to move
the msg.sock directory to a ramdisk.


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