[Samba] Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied.

osdc at mailbox.org osdc at mailbox.org
Fri Mar 31 14:08:24 UTC 2017

You made my day, thank you. This worked, after I left the domain, removed all dns-entries, all tdb-files and rejoined.

I did not upgrade samba.

Now there is three questions and one tiny issue left.


What will expet me when upgrading samba with standard debian-setup on the DC's and on the member? Will the update ask me if I want to keep my setup for every relevant file or is there a danger that something will be overwritten?

> Optional depending on needs like GPO things also, software deploy, then these 2 are a must
> SYSTEM (full controll)
> Verified users ( read ) 

Which kind of GPO's are you talking about? Or do I need to do that for any kind of GPO's? I thought they would be done by the DC's. Or ist it just fpr e.g. roaming profiles or scripts on the shares?

> And optional you can setup with. 
> acl_xattr:ignore system acl = yes 
> but think before you set that one, if you set, apply/check all of the above  again. 

This only relates to Posix-ACL's? So if it only Windows ACL's play a role I can safely say 'yes'?
> Now last. 
> On the security tab, klik advanced. 
> In above setup, the owner should be root. That is correct keep it.

-_- That ist what I did not keep before, because I did not allow Everyone and/or authenticated users.
> Klik on change permissions. 
> ( optional ) Remove the checkmark from "Include inheritable permissions from this objects perent"
> And set the other one. (Obligated)
> Apply.

Ok, I did that. But it does not seem to remember that setting. Nor does it do anything.

User mrtx is in both groups 'mrtx-group' and in 'rubens'. mrtx is the only member of 'mrtx-group'.

If user mrtx creates a file in a share of group 'rubens' its group is 'mrtx-group' and not 'rubens', as I would expect. At least on the debian machine. On the windows machine it appears to be alright and this is the important thing. But is this an inconsistency?

> This is a bit how i setup. 
> Try it and let us know if its working.

A thousand thanks to you and Rowland!


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