[Samba] Provision new domain keeping users and passwords

Mike Lykov combr at samges.ru
Thu Mar 30 06:33:41 UTC 2017

30.03.2017 10:09, Andrew Bartlett via samba пишет:

 >> I change dns to DOM2.dc.com, then import/export machine account to
 >> DOM2,
 >> (reboot the machine if needed). Is this machine was "joined" to the
 >> new
 >> domain already?
 > No, a machine is only joined to the same domain name and SID as it
 > started with.  Machines should be re-joined (perhaps using remote
 > tools).

What remote tools? It may be very useful if machines are geographically 
spreaded, for example.

 >> By the way, if I accidently delete the machine account from domain,
 >> can
 >> i restore it (in samba 4.5), or only rejoin it?
 > No, you must re-join it.

Thanks, I think so.

Mike Lykov, system administrator

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