[Samba] Users list and the date the password will expire

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Mar 29 17:59:40 UTC 2017

On Wed, 29 Mar 2017 12:41:46 -0400
Mark Foley <mfoley at ohprs.org> wrote:

> Yes, I did get it, but due to labyrinthine .procmailrc settings, it
> did not go to the mailbox in which I normally read the sambalist
> messages!
> Checking my offline mailbox ... in that email, you suggest (expanded):
> $ /usr/bin/rpcclient -U "" -c "lookupnames $USER" mail

> Enter 's password:
> So, it *still* asks for a password, and the user's ID in the prompt
> is empty (from the empty -U?). If I leave off the -U it asks for
> mark's password.
> Am I doing something wrong?

Yes, you are running the script on the command line ;-)

> Once I enter the password, the rest of your script ultimately does
> get me the "Password must change Time". BUT ... I need to enter the
> user's password! (neither -k nor -N work)

If you use the script as I suggested, it works without entering the
password. OK, that isn't really true, when you login, you enter the
password and this gets passed (along with the username) to the script.

It works on the Mate desktop and I think that KDE uses a similar
setup, but it does rely on PAM.


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