[Samba] Samba shared folders and windows 7 permissions dialog.

L A Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Mon Mar 27 08:30:23 UTC 2017

PF4Public via samba wrote:
> It is indeed an issue with Windows, rather than Samba, and I never 
> stated otherwise.
    BTW, the means(or method) used to set the account enumeration
permissions on a samba server isn't a windows issue, AFAIK.... ;-)

> Is it "0: SAMR_DOMAIN_ACCESS_ENUM_ACCOUNTS" that blocks that windows 
> host from enumerating
> ldap users and groups? If that's true, then why is that happening to 
> the same user on a
> different hosts? What is the origin of struct samr_OpenDomain and how 
> does samba derive it?

In the "smb.conf(5)" manpage, search for:
  winbind enum

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