[Samba] Samba 4.4.4: ACLs not work property with recycle vfs object enable

Dario Lesca d.lesca at solinos.it
Tue Mar 7 20:23:02 UTC 2017

Samba file server (Server role: ROLE_DOMAIN_MEMBER) joined to Win2008

I have a strange problem with ACLs and "vfs object = recycle" enabled

This is my share entry

> [dati]
>         comment = Cartella Dati x tutti
>         path = /u/samba/dati/
>         read only = no
>         Veto files = /*.pst/*.ost/
>         inherit acls = yes
>         inherit permissions = yes
> ;       vfs objects = recycle
> ;       recycle:repository = /u/samba/cestino/%U
> ;       recycle:touch=yes
> ;       recycle:maxsize=10000000
> ;       recycle:keeptree = yes
> ;       recycle:versions = yes
> ;       recycle:exclude=*.TMP,*.tmp,*.temp,*.o,*.obj,~$*

If I remove comment from recycle session directive, the acls of folder
and files into share [dati] do not work property and Windows some time
show a error message if I try change file and folder permission.

If I remove the vfs object recycle session or comment the lines (like
example above) all work fine.

What am I doing wrong?

if you need more info let me know

thanks in advance for your help

Dario Lesca
(inviato dal mio Linux Fedora 25 Workstation)

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