[Samba] Missing security tab samba 4.1.13

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Mon Mar 6 14:56:29 UTC 2017

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>well, there is nothing different when you use rpmbuild and chose the 
>prefix you want besides that:
>* cleanup of orphan files
>* simpe upgarde/downgrade because you have your prebuild .rpm files
>* no need of devel-packages / compilers on the target machine
>* no need to --exclude=/usr/local/smaba/var/lib/samba fpr rsync
>  if you build on a different machine because rpm don't touch
>  files which it didn't create
>* easy re-use on serveral machines including a testing-one
>the only real difference is that "make install" goes into the 
>buildfolder - i don't see any advantage in "as it emphasizes that this 
>Samba install is not created from packages" since for a decade now i 
>override postfix, mysql, httpd, apr, php and so on on Fedora with self 
>built packages and a higher epoch in the rpm-spec so that the own repos win
Frankly, I have never done that before. I did not find a wiki entry for that and I have somewhat of a time constraint, but might check that out later,


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