[Samba] Access denied, and other problems, trying to administer printers

Åke Holmlund holm at informatik.umu.se
Mon Mar 6 14:02:53 UTC 2017

Hi all.

We are running Samba 4.4.10 as an NT-domain server on Solaris 10. The server is
also used to store printer preferences and drivers. We are using LDAP as the
passdb backend.

Now we need to change some printing preferences and change one printer driver,
however I can not do any of those things any more (last time I did it we was
running Samba 3.x...).

When I log in to a Win 7 computer as a domain administrator but when I try
to add a new driver, using the Print Management tool, I get Access Denied.
When I try to look att the printing defaults for a printer, I get a message
telling me that the printing defaults can not be shown. Same thing happens
when I try to look att det print settings for a printer.

I have tried "everything" but can not get it to work! Any ideas?

Åke Holmlund

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