[Samba] Missing security tab samba 4.1.13

Bart Coninckx info at bitsandtricks.com
Sat Mar 4 21:09:16 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I followed the installation instructions on https://imanudin.net/2014/11/16/how-to-install-samba4-active-directory-on-centos-7-part-1/#comment-16611 to install Samba 4.1.13. One difference is that I used the Internal DNS server as opposed to the external one. 

I was able to add a Windows 7 Pro workstation to the domain and I see the shares I added in smb.conf (with only the path and the read only setting to "no"), but on those shares I miss the Security tab. I added the correct privilege to the administrators group.The default shares like netlogon and sysvol do show the Security tab. 

I did see a difference when I do a getfacl for those folders as opposed to the ones I created. For the latter I do not get any ACL configuration.

Am I supposed to do a manual setfacl for my own shares?

One other thing is that the administration of the shares behaves unstable when I have IPv6 enabled, so that is disabled now.

I have been browsing the web for hours, but it doesn not seem to be a typical problem.

I hope someone has an idea,

cheers all!

Met Vriendelijke Groet,
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