[Samba] Made a join with a netbios name, which already existed, now replication errors

thom_schu at gmx.de thom_schu at gmx.de
Mon Jul 31 18:57:55 UTC 2017

> Get rid of samba3 by demoting it again as you did last time, search
> through sam.ldb for any mention of samba3 and samba4 (you will
> probably have to use '--cross-ncs' with ldbsearch or lbdedit), then
> remove them.
> Now start again with a new DC, but this time, call it anything but
> samba3 or samba4.

Indeed after demotion there is one entry "samba3" unter "Computers" left.
I want to delete with the Windows-Tool RSAT and it says, that this object
contains other objects and I can choose "delete substructures".

Should I choose that ? I dont really know what effect (or sideeffect) it has.


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