[Samba] how to reduce binary size of SAMBA 4 for embeded device

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Sun Jul 30 11:13:58 UTC 2017

El 30/07/17 a les 09:18, yuanjp--- via samba ha escrit:
> Hi Bartlett
> as far as I know, lots of soho router still use SAMBA 3

Sorry for the off topic, but that would be progress!

/ # smbd --kljlj
smbd: invalid option -- -
Usage: smbd [-D] [-p port] [-d debuglevel] [-l log basename] [-s 
services file]
Version 1.9.16p10
         -D                    become a daemon
         -p port               listen on the specified port
         -d debuglevel         set the debuglevel
         -l log basename.      Basename for log/debug files
         -s services file.     Filename of services file
         -P                    passive only
         -a                    overwrite log file, don't append

and that's not an ancient router, it's a relatively current zte model 
(zte f680).

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