[Samba] Looking for samba 3.6 or newer for SCO/Xinuos OpenServer 6

Andreas Heinlein aheinlein at gmx.com
Tue Jul 18 14:41:14 UTC 2017

Am 17.07.2017 um 18:19 schrieb Kevin via samba:
> I am hoping that there is someone out there that can help me with a problem. My company is trying to move away from smbv1. We have a lot of servers to do this on, but largely it is not a problem for out linux and BSD servers. The problem is our OpenServer 6 boxes (of which we have a lot). OpenServer 6 comes with samba 3.0.6, which is too old to support smbv2 or better, and my admittedly feeble attempts to compile a newer version from source have failed miserably.
> Has anyone had any luck compiling a newer version of samba for OpenServer 6? If so, would you be willing to share?
> Thanks in advance for any responses!
> Kevin​
I don't know if my answer will be helpful for you, but since no one else

I admit I had to google up OpenServer first, since the last time I heard
that name was at least 10 years ago... Looks like OpenServer 6 really
hasn't had any updates since the last maintenance pack, which is from
2009 (!). Except for a new "Definitive" Release which prepares to
upgrade to OpenServer 10. I believe you will have a lot more serious
security problems there besides SMBv1.

It's just a wild guess, but I imagine that compilation fails because the
libraries that samba needs are way outdated, too. You could try to
compile these from sources, too, but you might quickly end up compiling
half of the system from scratch and possibly break it.

If you can't abandon these boxes, upgrading to OpenServer 10 might be
your best choice. Their website states that OpenServer 10 gives you
access to FreeBSD ports. There you would find Samba 4.4.15, 4.5.12 and 4.6.6


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