[Samba] Friendly Reminder: Huge number of small files performance regression from 3.5.16 to 4.6.5 with identical smb.conf

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Jul 14 17:33:13 UTC 2017

On Mon, Jul 03, 2017 at 12:08:53PM +0200, awl1 wrote:
> Hello one more time, Jeremy & fellow Samba experts/developers,
> over the weekend, I have done some more reading about wireshark
> tooling/statistics - the answer to
> https://ask.wireshark.org/questions/58970/analysing-performance-issues-with-storage-smb2
> was very helpful - and am now able to provide very clear and simple
> proof of the performance regression that I am seeing between SMB/1.5
> in Samba 3.5.16 and SMB2/3.1.1 in Samba 4.6.5, using Wireshark's
> "Statistics -> Service Response Times -> SMB(2)" tool.
> I really hope that someone from the development team is now
> interested in taking over and starts looking into this with me.
> Please rest assured that I will be happy to do everything I can to
> support the analysis and testing process. Please get back to me, and
> I will be sending you the access information and password for the
> respective wireshark PCAPNG traces ZIP file.

It would be quicker for you to help I'm afraid. As
you have nicely identified the SMB2_QUERY_DIRECTORY
as cause of the regression, can you look into the
wireshark traces and tell me what info level the
SMB1 client is asking for and what info level the
SMB2 client is asking for ?

If the SMB2 client is also asking for security
descriptors, this may be part of it.

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