[Samba] any reliable way to discover Windows hostname over SMB2+?

Andrew Walker walker.aj325 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 15:51:22 UTC 2017

What about using rpcclient?

rpcclient -U ""  -c srvinfo -N

On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 3:40 AM, Jason Haar via samba <samba at lists.samba.org
> wrote:

> Hi there
> The WannaCry drama has got us pushing forward plans to  turn off SMB1
> globally. Great, well, errr....
> Well not so great. I'm in the security team and we've relied on using
> smbclient in debug mode to reliably discover the Windows hostname.
> nmblookup sometime's doesn't work, and let's not even mention DNS PTR
> records! "smbclient -L -N -d10 2>&1|grep AvNbComputerName" works a
> treat.
> From what I can see, one of the changes that is in SMB2 is that it's a lot
> less chatty and doesn't hand over the Windows hostname like SMB1 does, so
> the days of this smbclient hack will soon be over.
> So does anyone have ideas on how to discover Windows hostnames when all you
> have is an IP address? Currently I'm moving to scraping the TLS data off
> the RDP port - but that doesn't work if you're set for NLA, don't have it
> enabled, etc. Has to be unauthenticated too (if all you have is an IP
> address, you can't even guess at what random creds to throw at it).
> Basically, is there a SMB2 trick to make the system give up it's hostname?
> Thanks!
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