[Samba] demoted DC's still arround

Robert Wooden bob at donelsontrophy.com
Mon Jul 3 12:42:58 UTC 2017

I have been replacing some "old" hardware and have demoted two DC's with
'samba-tool' as per the Samba wiki demotion page.

When running Louis' "samba-info.sh" script, that script still finds the
presence of the old, now demoted DC hostnames. Further investigation thru
RSAT (W10) found the demoted both DC's still listed under the
ADUC>Computers (along with all the other pc's on the AD) despite their
having been demoted. (They were, however, not listed as the active DC's,
simply computers still included in the AD. And, I will add here that they
have been physically turned off and still appear as part of the group of
computers associated with the AD.)

Also, under the RSAT >> "Active Directory Sites and Services" lists all
four DC's, the two demoted DC's as well as the currently active DC's.

Not that there appears to be any issue with the script but, the results
prompted looking deeper.

So, the bigger question is, demotion of a DC does not necessarily
"completely remove" the DC from the AD site? There is a need to access, via
RSAT, to complete the demotion?

Bob Wooden

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