[Samba] freezes/locks with LibreOffice.

Chen, Jim Jim.Chen at phri.ca
Sat Jan 28 00:29:06 UTC 2017


Hope someone has come across this problem and know the solution.

I have the following computing environments:

1.       A CentOS Linux desktop user using LibreOffice.

2.       A Window PC user using Microsoft Excel

In the following situation Samba would freeze with a simple csv file. The csv file has only one line with a  very simple content:
The steps to freeze Samba are as follows:

1.       First user double-clicks to open the csv file on a Unix NFS file system from the Linux CentOS desktop with LibreOffice Calc

2.       Another user double-clicks the same file in Windows Explorer in a Windows PC to  try to open the same file from Windows Explorer with Microsoft Excel, via a Samba server (the file would not be opened and the user now would not be able to use Windows Explorer to browse to other Samba directories)

If the Linux CentOS desktop user in Step 1 opens the csv file in read-only mode, Step 2 can be performed without any problem.

If the order of the above 2 steps is reversed (first opened with Microsoft Excel, then with LibreOffice), there is no problem.

If the file is a xls or xlsx file, there is no problem neither.

Does anyone ever come across this strange behaviour?



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