[Samba] [4.3.11-Ubuntu] SMBD keeps Locks on NTUSER.DAT and ntuser.ini after logout

rawi only4com at web.de
Fri Jan 27 11:24:31 UTC 2017

rawi wrote
> After having migrated my machines and user to Samba 4.3.11 on Ubuntu
> 16.04.1 (no domain upgrade, new provision, all accounts new defined) and
> old data copied over to the new machines, I have now a broader testbed and
> notice issues I didn't see prior to that.
> Having roaming profiles (defined in the user object in LDB)...
> Seemingly at random smbd keeps locks on NTUSER.DAT and ntuser.ini for a
> random time (from minutes to over 2 hours).
> In this time it is not possible for the user affected to login any more
> (from any machine).
> Error is: "The User Profile Service failed the sign-in"
> The only solution is to call me and I kill then the process on the server.
> Sure, this is not a prospect with pleasant ending.
> On the (member) file server I see:
> Locked files:
> Pid          Uid        DenyMode   Access      R/W        Oplock          
> SharePath   Name   Time
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 14398        9009       DENY_NONE  0x100081    RDONLY     NONE            
> /mnt/SRVDATA_crypt/samba/home/user_w81   .   Wed Jan 25 16:49:28 2017
> 14398        9009       DENY_NONE  0x1000a0    RDONLY     NONE            
> /mnt/SRVDATA_crypt/samba/institute   .   Wed Jan 25 09:46:33 2017
> 14398        9009       DENY_NONE  0x120089    RDONLY     EXCLUSIVE+BATCH 
> /mnt/SRVDATA_crypt/samba/home/user_w81   winprofile.V2/ntuser.ini   Wed
> Jan 25 17:31:08 2017
> 14398        9009       DENY_WRITE 0x12019f    RDWR       EXCLUSIVE+BATCH 
> /mnt/SRVDATA_crypt/samba/home/user_w81   winprofile.V2/NTUSER.DAT   Wed
> Jan 25 17:31:08 2017
> The Clients are mostly Windows 8.1 (they connect with SMB3_02), 
> a couple of Windows 7 (they connect with SMB2_10)
> a couple of Windows XP (they connect with NT1)
> and my linux cifs mount (NT1)
> I have the gut feeling, that SMB3_02 is mostly affected (but that's also
> the majority of my machines) and it comes more often, if the user does a
> shutdown than simply a logout (difficult to say, I'd need more
> observations).
> I saw today also a Windows 7 for about 15 minutes after shutdown keeping
> ntuser.ini open, but without Locked files. The user could login from
> another machine without problems
> 9979         9031       DENY_NONE  0x100081    RDONLY     NONE            
> /mnt/SRVDATA_crypt/samba/home/user_w7   .   Wed Jan 25 20:25:04 2017
> 9979         9031       DENY_NONE  0x120089    RDONLY     NONE            
> /mnt/SRVDATA_crypt/samba/home/user_w7   winprofile.V2/ntuser.ini   Thu Jan
> 26 11:00:17 2017
> I have
> fake oplocks = No
> kernel oplocks = No
> level2 oplocks = Yes
> oplocks = Yes
> reset on zero vc = Yes. (This doesn't help. Making a login with another
> user on the same machine didn't break the former Lock)
> The same user won't be always affected.
> At the moment I think to try desperately either
> - to restrict the client max protocol to lower (NT1?), or
> - to set veto oplock files = /NTUSER.DAT/ntuser.ini for the Homes share
> ... unless someone of you knows the problem and has a probed solution.
> Please, what do you think about this?
> Thanks
> rawi

Hi everybody,

I'm bumping this issue, because I have new insights in the matter, but still
no elegant solution.

The Windows 7 and 8.1 machines (using SMB2 and SMB3 protocols) are going off
before the logout process is completed.
If the user makes ONLY A LOGOFF, it takes about 20-30 seconds until his smbd
disappears from the list (smbstatus -b), without leaving locked files.

This never happened in the old NT domain.
Still now with AD, it is no problem if I directly shutdown a WindowsXP
(connected with NT1 protocol)

- client max protocol = NT1 (on the member file server) and
... won't be honored.

The Windows 8.1 machines will still connect with SMB3. How to let them
connect with NT1 (even only for a test)?

Any thoughts further?




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