[Samba] pwdLastSet, password required to change (samba vs MSAD)

mj lists at merit.unu.edu
Fri Jan 27 10:08:05 UTC 2017

Hi Andrew and Rowland,

Two replies, so quickly! I'm impressed :-)

On 01/27/2017 10:47 AM, Andrew Bartlett via samba wrote:
 > And a very interesting one at that.  I'm glad to see someone has taken
 > on some of the ADFS capability I hear folks ask for regularly.

Yes I agree, keycloak is very cool.

I have found the following samba bug report:

Judging from the bugreport above, I should ask keycloak devs to follow 
the errorcode number (49) only, and act based on that.

As the errorcode itself is identical, it should make things compatible 
with both samba4 and MSAD.

You agree with that analysis? Then I'll ask for it on the keycloak 


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