[Samba] CTBD public addresses and actual NICs being attached

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 26 16:38:54 UTC 2017

hi everyone

this - https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/CTDB_Setup - gives 
out an impression that ".. These are the addresses that the 
SMBD daemons will bind to.."
But - before I share software versions - it does not. My 
smbd attaches to and listens on all interfaces: is this 
normal, expected?
And if it is then how to tell/force smdb to bind to only 
specific NICs?
I try usual:

   bind interfaces only = yes
   interfaces = em1(which is the NIC used in 

I put there public IP(s) too, but to no avail, smbd would 
not go to that public IP, daemon does not respond on that 
IP(unless of course these directives are absent)... which, 
seems loco to me.

How does one make samba run off only those public IPs?
many thanks,

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