[Samba] Help! How do I make Samba3 + Winbind drop the domain\ on a user's account?

L A Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Wed Jan 25 06:43:42 UTC 2017

Dane Ruyle via samba wrote:
> Hello,
> We have moved from PBIS to Samba + winbind.
> In PBIS, after logging in to a SSH session, the prompt (user context?) would be:    username at hostname:
> Now, after logging in, the prompt is:   domain\username at hostname:
    For me, I found this to be a problem on the source machine (where
the ssh session starts).

    I used a simplistic workaround on my Samba-PDC.  I defined 
'Domain\user' in
my /etc/passwd to have the same UID/GID as 'user'. 

    It might not be practical for many users, but it really was a case
of 'ssh[d]' not knowing that on a PDC, "domain\user" == "user".

    As for '\' being legal or not -- I just added '\' to the list of allowed
login characters in "/etc/login.defs"  The following is all on 1 line:


    Once I'm logged in, the system recognizes me as "user".

    I vaguely remember that setting 'winbind use default domain' to 
'yes' caused
problems in that all logins had the "domain\" prefix.  Not what I wanted.
I even have a note in my smb.conf:
  #don't turn on: "winbind use default domain = No"

(it didn't work in my environment).

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