[Samba] Need to authenticate to Samba server regularly

Telium Technical Support support at telium.ca
Wed Jan 25 05:47:19 UTC 2017

The client works fine with all other windows servers, and another linux server running samba (v2?).  There’s something different about this new Samba4 installation that causes prompting for credentials.  I don’t think this is client related. 


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Seems samba is just a member server which is giving file share service to clients. Is that correct? 

If servers are not asking re-authentication that means mentioned win7 client often forgets the domain credentials


Did you try re join this client to the domain? In my opinion you should refresh domain information of the client





On Jan 25, 2017 8:00 AM, "Telium Technical Support via samba" <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

I have setup a Samba4 server on CentOS7, and it's part of an AD domain.
Although I can browse to the samba shares on that server (from my win7
client), I notice that I regularly have to re-authenticate to the server.

I'm running Samba+SSSD.  I'm not sure which piece is responsible for
prompting for authentication, or what I have to setup incorrectly.  (Windows
servers on my domain don't ask me to reauthenticate like this).  Can someone
point  me in the right direction?

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