[Samba] getent problems with new Samba version

Mark Foley mfoley at ohprs.org
Wed Jan 25 02:35:09 UTC 2017

I have been running Samba4 as AD/DC for a mixed Windows/Linux office domain for a little over 2
1/2 years now.  I've needed a few tweaks from Roland, but basically it has run flawless during
that time. 

10 days ago, I upgrade to Slackware 14.2 from 14.1.  Samba was likewise upgraded from version
4.2.14 to 4.4.8.  I'm having a serious problem ... 

before the upgrade getent gave me:

$ getent passwd mark
HPRS\mark:*:10001:10000:Mark Foley:/home/HPRS/mark:/bin/false

which is correct. After the upgrade I get:

$ getent passwd mark
HPRS\mark:*:3000026:100:Mark Foley:/home/HPRS/mark:/bin/bash

In RSAT > Active Directory Users and Computers > [user] properties > UNIX Attributes, this
user's UID is shown as 10001 and Primary group is "Domain Users" which is 10000. So, correct in

smb.conf is unchanged. 

These UID/GID settings are similar to the defaults from when I installed samba4 back in 2015!
Why did these change? Why are they not reflecting what is shown in RSAT?

This is a production office server and this issue is causing me a lot of headaches with
existing files owned by the user as UID/GID 10001:10000, but now systems are trying to rw these
files as 3000026:100. I'm getting permission denied errors, esp. in IMAP folders.

How can I fix this? Help! Urgent!

THX --Mark

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