[Samba] Samba-Bugzilla account request .

Alberto Maria Fiaschi alberto.fiaschi at estar.toscana.it
Fri Jan 13 13:14:37 UTC 2017

I would like to have an account to report a bug.
If the username is free:
username: bud4
mail: alberto.fiaschi at estar.toscana.it

BUG:(do not attach the logs because they contain sensitive information)

samba 4.4.4 Bug access based share enum = yes not work It does
not work with many shares

I have a server with a lot of shared folders. (1600) To make life easier 
for users I need to show them just the ones that they can use.
So I used access based share enum = yes for all sections.
Until about 900 shares all work well .. but with a greater number of 
sections happens that all the shares are shown to all users regardless 
of the access rights.

Samba Version 4.4.4 on Centos 7.

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