[Samba] shadow copy

jacek burghardt jaceksburghardt at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 20:05:59 UTC 2017

I have setup my share as shown below I dont see any option to roll back
older version. What am I doing wrong.
        path = /data/software
        read only = no
        nt acl support = yes
        valid users = @"HEBE+Domain Users"
        inherit acls = yes
        inherit permissions = yes
        vfs objects = recycle shadow_copy
        recycle:repository = .recycle
        recycle:keeptree = yes
        recycle:versions = yes
        shadow:mountpoint = /data/software
        shadow:snapdir = .snapshot
        shadow:basedir = /data
        shadow:sort = desc
        shadow:localtime = yes
        shadow:format = @GMT-%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S

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