[Samba] Samba Nobody (File ownership) problems returns

Stephen stephen at roissy.ca
Mon Jan 9 21:30:14 UTC 2017

I am new to this list and hope I can get some help with the subject problem.

This is the error I am getting in the log file for the remote computer:

[2017/01/09 16:03:11.528118,  0] 
   process_usershare_file: stat of /var/lib/samba/usershares/public 
failed. Permission denied

Even though the error says "Permission denied" the Windows user can 
create files


Samba is installed and used on server running Ubuntu 16.10. In addition 
to server software, normal desktop programs are installed. Certain 
folders are shared. Guests may access and create files. Windows 
computers copy files to the shared folders. These files have ownership 
of nobody:nobody I have two Windows 10 computers. The problem happens 
with both,

Desired behaviour

These files are given ownership of the owner of the directory.


The samba.conf file has an entry for each shared folder, like this:

comment = Stephen Public
path = /home/stephen/Public
writeable = yes
; browseable = yes
guest ok = yes
force user = stephen
force group = stephen


This has been working as desired since I did a new install of 16.10. 
Today I noticed the nobody ownership problem. I had it after the install 
of 16.10 because I forgot to update samba.conf. Hence the return of the 

It has been a week since I did a file copy that worked as desired. I 
copy files infrequently.

It is worse. A sudo chown to change permissions to stephen:stephen 
executed without error. But within nautilus the context menu on the 
files had the commands to rename and delete greyed out. Even though the 
permissions section of the properties did say the ownership was changed.

I have not made any configuration changes. I have performed one, maybe 
two, system updates. There has also been a Windows 10 update.

Any and all help appreciated.


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