[Samba] kerberos_kinit_password failed: Preauthentication failed

Carlos A. P. Cunha carlos.hollow at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 14:58:58 UTC 2017

But I still have a question, why only now has this problem ....
Theses idea of what to give of almost 3 Months could cause this?

Em 09-01-2017 12:51, Carlos A. P. Cunha escreveu:
> Hello!
> Add 2 lines, and join (first leave) in domain ok.
> I'll follow up if that solved my problem ...
> By the hour Thanks.
> Em 09-01-2017 12:32, Rowland Penny via samba escreveu:
>> That is because you do not have the two lines in smb.conf, if you did
>> have them when you joined the domain member to the domain. it would be
>> created. Try 'net leave -Uadministrator', then 'net join
>> -Uadministrator', this should create it (after you have added the lines
>> to smb.conf). You will also have to stop the Samba binaries 'nmbd',
>> smbd' and 'winbindd'
>> Rowland

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