[Samba] Directory Permissions on Directory

Oliver Werner oliver.werner at kontrast.de
Mon Jan 9 09:36:10 UTC 2017


i have a new Samba Fileserver.

The problem is with a folder permissions

the folder permissions are

1596981296      4 drwxr-x---  6                 oliver.werner it_secuirity                                      4096 Jan  3  2014 Security

In this folder are some other folders and files

I can open this folder but looks empty in explorer on windows or finder on macOS.

when i change the permission to drwxr-xr-x i can see all folders and files.

My user is in group it_security

uid=10150(oliver.werner) gid=10009(domain users) Gruppen=10009(domain users),1396(it_security),1393(bdsg)

bingo show all users and groups

anyone have an idea?

I'm using Samba 4.4.5

Best wishes


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