[Samba] bug in smbclient (?) 4.2.x

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Wed Jan 4 21:40:36 UTC 2017

I posted this to the amanda-users ml earlier today, as I run several
amanda backup servers and hit this issue again today.


"I have to upgrade to samba-4.2.11 (gentoo linux) on an amanda server
running amanda-3.4.1

Does anyone know if this:


... is still an issue?"


my interpretation: samba-4.2.11 / smbclient has problems with german
umlauts etc ?

It could be some effect between amanda and samba as well, sure.


So far I kept that one server locked at samba-3.6.25, the priority was
having valid backups of windows shares and I had no need for features of
samba-4.x there so far.

Now I prepare for migrating their samba-domain to ADS (hello, folks,
next thread :-P ) and that backup-server will have to be the AD-DC, so I
need samba-4.x.

I currently compile (gentoo linux) samba-4.2.14 and will test backing up
the problematic shares asap.

pls note that 4.2.14 is the latest samba-release I get via official
gentoo repositories (and that is marked unstable). Upgrading to later
releases is possible, if needed ... although I prefer staying with the
distro paths.

pls also note that the mentioned posting above relates to Debian, so it
seems to point at samba, not at the distro.

I am happy to run any debugging or test patches ...

thanks, Stefan

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