[Samba] AD Replication issues due to lingering objects

Tom Cannaerts - INTRACTO tom.cannaerts at intracto.com
Mon Jan 2 11:30:44 UTC 2017

We are trying to migrate away from out Windows 2008 R2 server to a Samba
based DC. At this point we have both the Windows server as a Samba server
as DC in the domain. After a while, we noticed that changes from the Samba
server were not replicated to the Windows machine. Further investigation
show that there are 2 lingering objects that prevent replication, and it
has been for quite a while.

The various procedures on the Microsoft site to remove the lingering
objects don't work against the Samba DC.
eg. repadmin /removelingeringobjects on the objects gives following error,
and no usefull information was found on Google:

DsReplicaVerifyObjectsW() failed with status 1745 (0x6d1):
    The procedure number is out of range.

I also disabled the Strict Replication Consistency on the Windows DC, so
that the object would be recreated and rereplicated, but that doesn't help
either. The eventlog says it's going to re-request the object from the
other DC as it doesn't have enough attribute information to recreate it,
but the object doesn't exists anymore on the other DC.

So basically, I'm looking for a solution that can solve this problem.

Can demoting and re-promoting the Samba DC solve this problem? If so, is it
as simple as running samba-tool domain demote on the samba DC and
afterwards running samba-tool domain join again?

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