[Samba] strange auth issue

Ing. Luis Felipe Domínguez Vega luis.dominguez at mtz.desoft.cu
Mon Feb 20 20:08:59 UTC 2017

I am a network administrator and yeaaa i test that right now. My domain is MTZ and login into a machine with MZT\Administrator and works!!!!!!!

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Never seen this behavior previously. It should refuse to log on
stating that the domain controller could not be found.

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 3:02 PM, Ing. Luis Felipe Domínguez Vega
<luis.dominguez at mtz.desoft.cu> wrote:
> Can be that windows when check that DOMIAN (that the domain record doesnt exist) does not exists check with default DOMAIN...
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> Asunto: [Samba] strange auth issue
> First time I've seen this:
> Samba Version 4.5.6-GIT-f4219b7 as PDC
> Windows 7 client
> New system I was setting up. Joined the domain, no problem.
> On reboot, I did a typo on the domain name, something akin to:
> DOMIAN\administrator
> Instead of:
> DOMAIN\administrator
> Yet, I was logged on, desktop was setup, etc. Logged off to verify my
> mistake and loogged on with the proper domain name, and it was the
> same account - desktop was already setup, no new profile, etc.
> Chris
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